Men’s Cotton Boxers Combo Pack of 2 Multicolor



  • Care Instructions: Regular Machine Wash
  • Comfortable and Breathable 100% Cotton fabric
  • Back Pocket for enhanced functionality
  • Available Fly with button closure
  • Irritation free branding



Men’s Cotton Boxers Combo Product description

Men’s Cotton Boxers Combo Pack of 2 Multicolor 0-Degree Ontrack branded boxer shorts for men combo makes you feel at ease and comfortable. These boxers for men combo pack a inch perfect for your waist. Designs are unique and fun. These printed boxers are made of highest quality cotton for highest level of comfort. Our boxer innerwear for men have button fly closure and also has a back pocket for additional usability. Elastic would safely accommodate daily changes in waist line. It would make you feel at home.

Regular Cotton boxers for Mens

Made by harvesting the natural cotton and then cleaning it to remove seeds and dirt, and then it is ‘carded.’ Carding separates the fibers — lining the fibers in the same general direction. The raw cotton is divided into slivers, which are then spun into thread or wool form.

Combed Cotton boxers

The harvested cotton is transferred to fine brushes (or the ‘combs’) to tease away impurities and any short fibres. Roughly 15% of the volume is removed this way. This leaves only long, tough straight fibres. The shards of combed cotton are then spun into thread.

Why we love Combed Cotton

  • Softer than regular cotton
  • Absence of impurities or short protruding threads.
  • Stronger than cotton and yet softer silkier in touch and feel
  • Long lasting, color resistant basics, which stay vibrant even after multiple washes.
  • Breathable, soft cotton fabric boxer briefs and lounge pants provide a relaxed fit meant for all-day comfort
  • Quality knit based elastic waistband has a soft feel & provides a comfortably snug fit.

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